WELCOME! So happy you have joined us at the Investor Community of Central Valley.

Investor Community

In January of 2010, Tamera Aragon held the first Investor Community of Central Valley.
Since then, there are have been thousands in total attendance at 24+ meetings held.

Members of these meetings for the Investor Community of Central Valley are committed to exchange ongoing education, discussions, training, tools, resources, leads,  masterminding and power networking to fellow members interested in creating cash flow and wealth through the ethical transfer of real estate.

Finding, Funding and Flipping or renting for profits!  This is why I have developed A group of LOCAL REAL ESTATE INVESTORS along with others in related professions – prospective, new, and experienced…
…to gather together to meet a common goal to GROW OUR BUSINESSES  together…


I want to be around a local group who will support each other in taking action right here where we live now to massively grow our profits in real estate.


    • Dates: Meetings will be held at various pre-determined times throughout the year.
    • Location: Meeting Room to be announced prior to each meeting date in Stockton, CA
    • Topics: These will vary and be detailed prior to meeting date. These events are made to
      really dig into topics and strategies for walking and doing the steps to successful real estate investing. 
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